About us

Just someone who is bored, a novel addict and wanting to share some of China’s fine web novels with the rest of the world. Please excuse my grammar and english as it is poor to begin with.

Current Project: Monster Factory (超级怪兽工厂)

Schedule: Unsure, but will release them as soon as they are done editing.
Release time: Will try to aim for 00:05 UTC

Sponsoring: Every $40 means a new chapter release! Plain and simple.

For any reason you wish to contact me, you can reach me at professionalgamethrower@gmail.com



2 thoughts to “About us”

  1. Hi,

    Sorry if this is out of the blue.

    So I started translating a novel without being aware of Qidian being in the english market already. Yesterday their representative (Yuren or something?) asked me to join them, but I refused for several reasons.

    So I see that you’re not with them and you’re still going on with your novel, they must have asked you also? I asked a few translators, some said better to drop it while saying they themselves were “in the process of sorting a, some said they can’t do anything legally anyway. Can I have your thoughts?

    Tbh I’m just a bit reluctant, it’s a bit of a heartbreak after finally finding a novel I liked enough to translated.

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