Chapter 45: The want for a research laboratory

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Chapter 45: The want for a research laboratory

Translated by me, edited by Fade.

When a truck with Zhongyun license plate entered Gangshan stone processing plant, Ye Qing received a welcome befitting of a hero.

Xu Shuangjie with a bunch of workers, were all standing there giving a warm welcome. This sort of reception is something that gave Ye Qing quite the feeling of happiness yet hints of sorrow as well.

Before he went to deliver the machine to Sang Qing’s factory, there was only indifference. Later when the machine malfunctioned, there wasn’t even a hint of gratitude after spending the whole night there.

Mentioning Sang Qing, Ye Qing still find it quite hilarious.

Don’t know how many days he was detained for, but for things like a DUI, the minimum sentence given was 15 days. Generally these 15 days is for those without connections, except right now Zhongyun is in the middle of trying to contest for the national city recognition award of culture and sanitation.

Getting stuck at this critical juncture, no connection is of any help. Public safety, city sanitation, city culture, building construction, are all target areas for the municipal government, who is willing to help out at this point in time?

“Welcome, welcome. We are honored by your presence Mr. Ye.” Xu Shuangjie immediately went up with his arms wide open.

Ye Qing smiled while deflecting this warm welcome with “your too courteous, too courteous, we should first get the machine set up and see how it is.”

An already prepared forklift drove over, under the driver’s careful actions, the machine was slowly moved from it’s wooden seat into Gangshans stone processing plant steel work shack.

Power had already been prepared, even the ground had been carefully leveled and renovated by Xu Shuangjie.

Placing down the machines, Ye Qing connected it to the power source and pressed start.

The device driver inside the engraver, really isn’t different from those in the market.

Xu Shuangjie and a bunch of this workers all crowded together and looked at the 10” LCD screen, with the starting PLC common control system.

This type of control system is very easy to use. People who had played with CNC mills before all know how to use it.

This type of control system is widely used in small scale CNC mills. As long as variables are set for the X axis, Y axis, Z axis, and can confirm the position of the axis after testing, then it can operate on a variety of lathes and mills.

Of course if you’re looking for this kind of widely used software to be able to read CAD files, then be ready to pay an extra sum to invite someone to write an interpreter for the files.

The Monster Factory directly installed all the related software. In addition, it’s all software available on the market, except it’s all better than those as there is no need to make any amendments or modifications.

Having finished it’s start up, the machine’s three bearings all returned to zero. Taking deep breaths, Xu Shuangjie with a restless mind, stuck in a USB key.

The workers, with meaningful looks, brought over a 1 meter by 1 meter slab of stone. Placed it on the workbench, then installed the precision engraver and water jet.

The workbench, at most can only support 1 meter wide stone slabs.

Xu Shuangjie seeing everything in order, shuddered as he pressed the start button.

With the press of the button, the cone shaped metal engraver, immediately sped up to awe inspiring speeds, then with the lowering of the axial, the engraver made contact with the surface of the stone slab.

The moment it made contact, the originally clear water suddenly became all cloudy and muddy, large amounts of stone particles and scraps flowed out into the wastewater tank.

As for the stone slab on the workbench, it too under the amazing engraving head, began to display the signs of a masterful stone carving.

Including Xu Shuangjie, everyone who was here were all stunned speechless.

Normal engravers, even if it’s a metal engraver, will always give the onlookers an impression of being extremely slow. Slow to the point of being comparable to a bull taking a dump and having their dung just hang there.

Wanting to use these kinds of engravers to carve on a large scale, during the wait it is more likely for the clients to come looking for trouble than being able to finish on time.

Now, in front of their eyes, this engraver is just like a premium fighter within the engraver category.

Two minutes, In literally two minutes, the originally normal stone slab, suddenly had a wonderful carving of Guanyin.

Xu Shuangjie picked this Guanyin sitting upon a lotus flower due to the carving difficulty involved. Though the difficulty of it doesn’t even come close to the ones on the curbstones.

However with normal engravers, then don’t even think of carving such a detailed Guanyin picture.

“So, satisfied?” Ye Qing, who is already used to these results, asked. This is a sellable engraver, a complete reproduction of his rare model.

Not mentioning the different control system, the rotating speed of the engraving head, when compared to the one he’s got is a different of several folds, and even the precision of the carvings is short by a long shot.

The one Ye Qing has, is literally, completely black tech.

This sellable one, although it’s effectiveness is way better than the one on the market, but it still can’t be considered to be full out black tech.

The shortages that Ye Qing identifies, in Xu Shuangjie’s point of view is nothing at all.

Although the craving results are somewhat worse than the curbstones from the pictures.

But when compared to the result of normal engravers, it’s not even on the same playing field, the speed of the carvings is also beyond imagination.

“Satisfied. Very satisfied.” Within Xu Shuangjie’s eyes right now, there is only this engraver and nothing else. Just like handling a piece of ancient treasure, he went up and gently caressed his future fortune maker.

This engraver’s only major flaw is the small processing center. It just simply doesn’t have the necessary room to work with large sized stone slabs.

“It’s just…… It’s just for some reason, I feel like the resulting engraving is some what worse than the curbstones you made.”

“That’s the result of my factory using high precision processing centers, coupled with highly skilled engineers to create several prototypes.” Ye Qing gave out a very reasonable explanation: “The mass production version, naturally can’t be comparable to those ones, otherwise it’s price tag would at least need to flip several folds.”

“It’s enough, it’s more than enough. This precision level is definitely more than enough.” Xu Shuangjie doesn’t dare to ask for more, just with this engraver alone, is more than enough to suppress all other stone processing competition in the area.

“Then you think you can pay off the rest of the bill for this machine?”

Xu Shuangjie didn’t even think of negotiating, or even dare to. If he actually pissed off this owner, then isn’t that making earning more difficult?

Afraid of other potential problems, Xu Shuangjie also paid off the full bill for the other 4 machines. In total 1,500,000 was transferred right into Ye Qing’s company account.

Ye Qing after confirming the transfer, wrote off a receipt for Xu Shuangjie on the the old factory’s official documents, and guaranteed a six month warranty.

“Mr. Ye, please stay for the night.” Xu Shuangjie’s face is now full of compliments and praise: “Let’s go have some wild game, then we can head to some clubs and have a round. After all of this, I’ll even have someone take you home.”

“No need, no need. I still have business later tonight.” How would Ye Qing dare to go to another club again after what happened a couple of days back, it’s much safer to just return home instead.

Xu Shuangjie’s was full of sincerity, well, he wants to curry favors with Ye Qing. But in the end, he really couldn’t stop Ye Qing from leaving, so he stuffed a bunch of gift cards into Ye Qing’s hands.

Saying goodbye to the passionate Xu Shuangjie, Ye Qing planned to head back to Zhoungyun city. Right at this moment, the agency called and informed him that the registration and paperwork for the company [Monster Heavy Industry] has been completed, and he can go and pick up the permits.

In [Monster Heavy Industry], Ye Qing is it’s only legal correspondent, at the same time, he is also the company’s only CEO.

It’s just that this heavy industries is seriously too small. It’s small to the point that it’d only get a 10,000,000 operating budget. And this is including the 80,000 yuan Ye Qing spent to get the company registered by the agency.

When the Monster Factory reaches level 3, then he can purchase uniform disguises. When that time comes the monsters will all have spotless paperwork, which mean Ye Qing can also list them under the company as a short term measure.

Picking up the permits, registering with the taxation bureau, and getting an organizational code from the agency, Ye Qing once again sought consultation.

As he wanted to know what are the necessary procedures for establishing a personal research laboratory?

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