Chapter 48: Sorry but what?

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Chapter 48: Sorry but what?

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

“You are……”

“Hold on a minute. Let me guess first.” Xia Muqing made a quite cute ah posture, as if having thought of something.

“You’re one of our clients?” Xia Muqing then made a pondering face, as if saying that she could guess who he was: “You’re Zhang Liudong?”

Ye Qing was originally really happy to wait for her to call out his name, it’s just that when the name came out Ye Qing’s expression immediately turned stiff.

“I’m Ye Qing!” Ye Qing rolled his eyes at her.

“Sorry, sorry.” Xia Muqing, having recognized her mistake, put her hands in front of her dress and bowed down to apologize.

If there was something to blame for this then it can only be that Ye Qing had no special features, and that Xia Muqing didn’t put the ten million yuan deal with Ye Qing in her heart.

“Ah don’t worry about it.” Ye Qing commented as he clenched his mouth.

This move had Xia Muqing giggling non-stop without any regard to her image.

“You’re very young and very dynamic.” Xia Muqing circled around Ye Qing and did a quick examination of him: “From the way you act, I see a kind of confidence only seen among the successful, and an ambition only seen among the young.”

“From your appearance only, I doubt that you’re older than me.” Ye Qing gestured to the NPC like yacht pilot on the side: “Alright don’t stand there anymore, since we’re all acquaintances, come on inside for a cup of something warm.”

“Definitely older than you.” Xia Muqing, somehow proud of this, gracefully walked in front of Ye Qing, just like cute little sika deer.

The monsters inside the factory had already been called back by Ye Qing, but the yard was chaotic with curbstone strips everywhere and carved curbstones lying in piles within the steel workshop.

When Ye Qing brought everyone into the simple and crude office, a sudden thought popped into his head. What if he widened Xia Muqing’s horizons by showing her the powers of the rapid metal engraver?

Have her confused by all the shock and awe, then she might even offer someone big deals right off the bat.

It’s just that if Xia Muqing saw Ye Qing using that too black tech engraver, then she would probably suspect him to be an alien.

There weren’t any knock offs available on site, so he’ll have to wait until tomorrow when it’s complete to contact her about it.

Having entered the office, Ye Qing seated the two on the only ordinary wooden chairs in the room, turned on the water dispenser, and poured each of them a cup of warm water.

There wasn’t any tea in the office, so Ye Qing could only make do with ordinary water.

Xia Muqing and her pilot also weren’t special guests, so they didn’t care about it either.

The pilot, having said thanks, pulled out his cell phone and began to make calls for the repairs.

“Mr. Ye, this is seriously a coincidence.” Xa Muqing lightly blew on her cup of water and had glittering eyes: “Our company just arrived in Zhongyun last night to sign a deal with Huaxing Heavy Industry.”

“I specially borrowed Huaxing chairman’s yacht for a spin. You understand, our Anhui is full of mountains, so it’s really hard to find a chance to head out to sea.”

“It’s truly a coincidence. The first thought I had when I first saw you is that you’re a superstar.” Ye Qing, with the corner of his eyes, keep on staring at those long white legs of hers. Naturally, he was doing this behind the scenes.

“Thank you for your praise. I’m truly honored.” Xia Muqing smiled: “So how was that batch of curbstones? I saw piles of them in the yard, have they been sold yet?”

“The quality is superb, it’s not like I found any problems with them anyways.”

“Oh right, since your factory is so close to the ocean, then you’re probably very familiar with sea fishing?” Xia Muqing asked with some expectation: “There is a bunch of fishing gear on the boat, so are there a lot of fishes nearby?

“What fish. The water quality here is complete garbage.”

“But the water is so blue, and without any strange smells.”

Ye Qing explained that the water stayed blue because it got dyed blue by chemicals. As for why there weren’t any strange smells, Ye Qing has no clue.

“There is a chemical plant dumping wastewater here. Even if you do catch some fish, it’s not like you can eat them anyways.”

“Then I’ll go try it in other areas, I have never tried fishing out in the sea.” Such a rare vacation opportunity, there was no way that Xia Muqing was going to waste it.

At that moment, the yacht pilot walked over and handed over a very refined handbag to Xia Muqing.

“Miss, I’ve contacted a nearby shipyard and their people will be over as soon as possible.”

“Sorry to bother you Brother Wong.” Xia Muqing nodded to him.

Taking the handbag, Xia Muqing pulled out a small piece of carved jade ruyi scepter, placed it in her hand, and chatted with Ye Qing while playing with it.

This piece of pure white ruyi is simply cute. It also seems to be very old, as it gives a soft and fatty kind of feeling.

It should be suet jade, and probably one of those really expensive ones.

When accompanied by girls, time always flies by.

Ye Qing felt like only 20 minutes passed, but it had been almost an hour. A truck arrived outside of the perimeter wall, a bunch of young workers wearing [Hongxin Shipbuilding] uniforms, carrying lots of ropes and tools, under the guide of the pilot, arrived at the sea docks.

Ye Qing followed Xia Muqing over for the excitement. Except in the end, the young men’s scorching eyes turned from looking at the yacht to staring at Xia Muqing’s body.

“Get back to work damn it!” The leading middle aged man immediately kicked the one beside him.

What a coincidence. This was actually the one who was sent to cut open the door at The Silver Palace last time. Except they failed miserably and let Ye Qing have all the credit.

Right now it was the beginning of summer; only cold during mornings and evenings. A young man in front of Xia Muqing, dazzlingly stripped down to his swim trunks, then put on his diving goggles and dove down with a underwater camera.

With a pretty girl at the side, this guy elegantly displayed his diving abilities, and stayed down for over a minute and a half before surfacing at the tail of the yacht.

Seeing this, Xia Muqing smiled and gave him praise along the lines of ‘very good’!

The other young men on the side, unable to resist the temptation, also began to deliberately unbutton their uniforms.

The foreman of the group took over the camera, examined the pictures with his back against the sun, and picked out the clearest one before handing it over to the yacht pilot.

There were two propellers at the tail of the boat, and they probably hit some large leveled rock. Now the two of them were completely twisted beyond recognition.

“This boat of yours is a product of Sunbird yacht factory and the propellers used are high speed large curvature propellers with seven fans imported from Germany. I’ve already asked their factory and they’ve got none in stock.”

The foreman called his factory and reported the model number of the yacht and the sizes of the propellers right in front of everyone.

Roughly five minutes passed before the factory called back.

“Sorry boss, but we don’t have any of your kind of propellers in storage. Not even any of similar size, we’ve also called Sunbird yacht factory and they also don’t have any in storage. In addition yachts are all made to order, so they’re all ordered from Germany when they’re needed.”

“If it’s international express then it’ll take roughly a week.”

“A week?” The yacht pilot immediately became anxious. He broke the boat, so as time gets stretched on, his boss would naturally get angry.

Xia Muqing was also disappointed as she has to leave tomorrow afternoon.

Ye Qing also took the opportunity to look at the pictures of the propellor. The worker used a tape measurer to measure the size, and the propellers were roughly 70 centimeters in diameter.

“Can’t you guys just mill a pair?”

If the yacht needed to moor here for at least a week, then Ye Qing definitely wouldn’t able to bear with having people come and go for this long.

“I’ve seen the propellers. Its structure looks pretty simple and it’s not big either.”

Ye Qing hugged his neck: “Your shipyard definitely has a CNC mill, so can’t you guys just mill out some?”

“What did you say?” Last time at the Silver Palace, Ye Qing waited for them to leave before coming forward.

So the foreman naturally don’t know who Ye Qing was.

Hearing someone say to mill a pair of propellers, the foreman and the rest of the workers, all couldn’t help but laugh, and loudly at that.

“Um sorry, but I didn’t hear you clearly.” The foreman scooped his ear: “Did you just say to mill a pair of seven fan, high speed large curvature propellers?”

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