Chapter 130: The premiere

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Chapter 130: The premiere

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

“President Ye, here are these students’ resumes for you to look over.” Professor Cai said as he drew out a large stack of files from his bag.

“Professor Cai, Mr. Wang, Mr. Zhang, and Headmaster Li.” Ye Qing helped Cai Chenning sit down: “You guys are just too courteous. Although I’ve already left the school, I was still one of your students.”

Vice-principal Yu Baosi kindly commented: “President Ye, if you ever have the chance to come by the school in the future, then you definitely need to give those juniors a lecture to have them use you as their model for the future.”

Although those words felt great to Ye Qing, but to be completely honest, Ye Qing still wasn’t very fond of all the praises.

Good thing that the teachers and vice-principal all knew that Ye Qing was definitely busy, so after a cup of tea, they all expressed their regards, and stopped bothering President Ye in his hiring process.

Once the teachers and vice-principal actually left, Ye Qing was finally able to relax somewhat.

After looking at the juniors once more, a smile surfaced on his face.

Ye Qing recalled back to his university days. Back then he was just one of those average under achievers; not outstanding at all.

The true outstanding ones were all those club presidents and all those high scoring over achievers.

For example, the president of the computer science club, Ji Ke. His name was practically known throughout the entire campus. Not only was he a master programmer, he and his comp-sci club were also the ones responsible for the maintenance of the university’s official site and the interschool forums.

Ye Qing still remembers two years ago, when the University of Zhongyun’s basketball team was having a friendly match with the neighboring Dongjian College. He had no idea how the match actually went, but in the end Zhongyun’s team ate a lot of losses.

In the end, Ji Ke with his gang of club members, on the same day, hacked into Dongjian College’s own school forum and kicked all of its administrators out, who watched on in vain with the rest of the students as there was nothing they could or could’ve done.

As for Yang Baihe from the dance club, if Ye Qing were to take a picture of her and upload it to his classmate chat group right now, then he would definitely be able to get a free tank of gas and a lighter.

All these famous people from back then, were now Ye Qing’s subordinates!

“Err……” Ye Qing felt like he couldn’t make that statement just yet, as after all, they hadn’t passed the interview.


The interviews lasted all the way to 5 PM.

Apart from the presidential secretary and the general manager position, every other role opened by Ye Qing was filled in.

Out of the 300 some juniors from the University, Ye Qing hired more than 200 of them. Most of the positions were simple positions, and Monster Heavy Industry right now was pretty straightforward​, so it shouldn’t be a problem for the juniors to get accustomed.

Ye Qing also left a message in his classmates’ chat group, saying if anyone was looking for a job then they could come talk to him.

As for those classmates that lent him money before, Ye Qing sent them personal messages saying that if they ever had any trouble, they could come to him for help.

Those classmates were all working out of the province. Upon hearing that Ye Qing was succeeding, they immediately came up with bullshit excuses for him to introduce girlfriends to them, as no matter what, when they got back home, they were always dragged out for arranged marriage meetings.

Ye Qing sent a couple sly emojis, saying that he had a bunch of beauties working for him, don’t be jealous please.

Having procrastinated for a bit, several of the newly hired managers came looking for him to approve their newly planned company regulations.

The managers were all those old and experienced people managers, hence why Ye Qing literally left how to settle all the new personnels to them.

Ye Qing, while reading the reports, kept on nodding satisfactorily, saying how this was what a real large corporation should look like.

There was also a purchasing report. Many of the departments were just established, hence the need to purchase all kinds of office equipment, which was why Ye Qing literally wired 5 million into the company’s account for them to freely use.

When dinner time came around, Ye Qing again brought everybody in the company to a nearby five star restaurant and held a corporate dinner event.

The massive crowd that was made up by the several hundred workers was truly a rare event. As for all those newly joined juniors, while embarrassed, took countless pictures with their phones while Ye Qing wasn’t looking.

As for Ye Qing, he was secretly laughing. How could he not find out about people taking pictures of him?

Take Yang Baihe for example. She was immediately placed into the role of manager of the advertising department, and had to sit at the same table as Ye Qing.

She pretended to make a call, but was actually standing up taking a panorama. Ye Qing was completely satisfying her needs by turning around and not looking.

When his big nephew Xu Xiaohu comes back and sees all these people, it would definitely give him a scare.

At time like these, Ye Qing should definitely go up and say couple of lines to encourage the new hires.

Sadly, he didn’t have any speeches prepared, nor did he have a secretary to do it for him, which is why he lead everyone in gorging out all the food and liquor.

Although Ye Qing had some high alcohol tolerance, in the end when he was driven back by one of the truck drivers, the landscaping trees by the side of the road all turned into giant shadows.

Then while passing a nearby movie theater, Ye Qing thought to himself, why the heck were there so many people lined up?

Were they here to line up for Warcraft the movie?

But you could get those tickets online. Back during the banquet, the manager of the IT department, Ji Ke, was fighting with everybody to get a ticket saying how he was gonna go watch it after the meal.

“Boss, it would seem like they’re lining up to buy tickets for Xu Ninggong’s premiere tomorrow.” The driver was only thirty something, so he still understood what’s happening with Ye Qing’s age group.

“Xu Ninggong?” Upon hearing this, Ye Qing was somewhat shocked sober. Because DouDou asked him to go with her to the premiere a long long time ago.

However, seeing this kind of line in front of him, Ye Qing felt like whether or not DouDou would be able to get tickets would become the real problem.

Ye Qing had the driver stop for a second as he gave DouDou a call.

DouDou probably already went to bed, as when she answered Ye Qing whether or not she had already bought the tickets, she clearly sounded sleepy.

“I’ve already got them Big brother Ye. Our TV station’s got some nice connections.” DouDou drowsily replied: “Xu Ninggong has too many fans, plus this is the first time she’s hosting a premiere in her home town, so the theaters, to prevent people from scalping tickets, canceled all internet sales of the tickets.”

Ye Qing took a look of the time, but wasn’t able to grasp the clock hands at all. Plus with his slurring speech, he basically gave up and told DouDou to go back to bed and that he would call again tomorrow.

Xu Ninggong’s premiere was set for tomorrow night at 7. By then Ye Qing reckoned that there would be a multitude of people. The scene was guaranteed to be even more extreme than the opening night for Warcraft.

Hence as soon as the next morning came around, Ye Qing left with two bodyguards.

Hulk One and Hulk Two, in specially tailored black tuxedo and black leather shoes. Add a pair of sunglasses and they basically became Terminator like bodyguards.

Ye Qing first took them to a driving school to sign up. The school had already been informed to have a driving test next week in which these two would partake as well.

Settling all the driving business, Ye Qing gave a call to his dad to have him help out with the expansion of the factory by buying out all the hills and maritime spaces surrounding the Dragon Creek Beach.

Currently his dad was on great terms with the park management chief, so getting the go ahead to buy out a piece of land that holds absolutely no value what so ever was practically like taking candy from a baby.

Having finished all of this, Ye Qing for the first time ever, ran off to a well rated salon, paid a grand and a bit, and had the head hairdresser give him a personal haircut and makeover.

Today was the day for Xu Ninggong’s premiere, so Ye Qing felt like he definitely needed to make himself much more presentable.

[Afterword – ED: The hairdresser messes up and Ye Qing learns to rock a mohawk]

[Tl: You wish friend.]

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