Chapter 153: This is a test

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Chapter 153: This is a test

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Tiangui Construction’s owner Du Weiyu wasn’t that tall, but he had a giant sized head on his shoulders, who looked on at everything with a smirk.

From a different point of view, the company was basically one that only partook in shady deals that couldn’t be seen in the light.

If they were to increase the price right upfront on the contract, then both Ye Qing and Ye Jiangning wouldn’t say anything about it.

Quality and efficiency were all tied to the amount of funding available. As long as it was completed well, then it was ok to price it higher.

Yet they didn’t do that at all. After marketing themselves as an almost perfect company to hire, they went on to play all those shady tricks on those easily forgettable places.

Now, after getting caught in the act, they were still unwilling to admit it, making themselves look like a bunch of innocent buffoons.

They said they were innocent, yet what they did was still the same old stuff.

Blocking equipment, making threats.

From the boss at the top, to all the workers at the bottom, they were all like this.

Ye Qing believed that this entire mess wouldn’t be so easily solved. The Bureau of Municipal and Rural Construction could of course put pressure on them, but they couldn’t monitor them 24/7.

Having received orders from the top, they of course needed to pack up obediently, because after all they still had to put up an act of doing so.

Now Ye Qing couldn’t really go and ask Chief Le to help him pressure this company so that they will not able to get any work from now on.

Thus when Ye Qing got the chance, he did some research into the company and found that this Tianhui Construction was truly something.

Five to six years back, when the house market hadn’t burst, Tianhui Construction was asked to construct a major residential area. At the time, the ones paying for all of this were interested investors from outside of the province.

Tianhui Construction first acquired the contact with a low bid offer, but when the construction got halfway through, they suddenly halted all works.

They said that the materials provided by these investors were filled with problems, which was why they didn’t dare to continue as they were afraid of getting sued for future accidents.

The investors were almost scared out of their wits. If there really was problems with the materials being used, then that was a problem that was as big as the sky. If it was truly confirmed, then they were all completely done for.

Later, Tianhui Construction continued with the work. However, rumors from experienced builders said that Tianhui Construction probably swapped out the materials to swindle the investors.

The investors chose to compromise. Only after the area had been completed did they call the police. However, Tianhui Construction truly knew how to play their hand. If stuff like faulty construction materials were to get out of hand, then the average buyer wouldn’t care who was right or wrong, the sales of the area was guaranteed to dip. Which was why this matter was never chased to the end.

Tianhui Construction daring to play like this clearly meant that they knew all the loopholes in the law as well as the entire process.

Second, they at least had some powerful connections. Moreover, they choose their targets, as while deceiving everyone, they were still producing some constructions by the books.

Sadly the downturn in the housing market for the past couple of years robbed Tianhui of the chances to slaughter those plump sheep, which was why they were now playing these stealthy tricks on these corner materials. Still the same cleverness, yet none of the risk.

This construction company was literally a master of tricks. And what’s more, the background of their workers were all very questionable, which was why many other construction company didn’t want to interact with them at all.

Having getting to know all of this, Ye Qing found all of this just simply hilarious.

No one was willing to continue the work at the old factory. Scheduled work was unable to move on, which meant impacting the entire manufacturing process of the factory. Which, in the end, meant going back to them and accepting their price hike?

Hehe ~

Ever since finding the Monster Factory, Ye Qing was never afraid of facing these shady companies.

When the time came, all he needed was to have two peons be responsible for the security of the site, and don’t mention Tianhui, even Tencent Star Construction would be helpless.

Of course, passively waiting was never Ye Qing’s style. Ye Qing was just thinking of how to retaliate, yet Tianhui, which was in the process packing up, made a major mistake.

Facing pressure from the Bureau of Municipal and Rural Construction meant that they must leave.

However, very clearly, Tianhui’s boss was not willing to give up so easily.

In the site, the completed workshop had a crane tower next to it, which was in the process of getting disassembled.

A heavy lifter was on the side responsible for removing the standard sections from the crane piece by piece.

As a result, when the heavy lifter was putting the section down, it made a mistake that even newcomers shouldn’t make.

They literally dropped the section on the roof of the workshop.

The roof of the workshop was made out of sheet tiles. How would it be able to hold the hook of the lifter as well as the weight of the standard sections?

With a bang, the roofing was left with giant gaping hole. The lifter operator also helped out a bit more by swinging the lifter, leaving a long gash in its wake.

On the sideline, Ye Qing’s rage meter immediately flipped over 9000.

These kind of clearly intentional accidents finally made Ye Qing realize just how despicable this company was.

Tianhui’s owner Fu Weiyu hurried over and with a smile that was asking to get beat up, stated: “Oh Man, I’m so sorry. This lifter operator is a newbie who’s only been on the job for a month.”

“But don’t worry President Ye, no matter how this roof looked before, I’ll definitely have the workers fix it.”

“No thanks.” Ye Qing moved his hands as he coldly replied.

“Really?” Fu Weiyu looked at Ye Qing with clear shock: “How can that be? How can that be! Having destroyed your stuff, I must insist on having the workers fix it for you.”

“Eh Little Zhang! Tell them to not pack that crane up just yet.” Fu Weiyu yelled: “Quickly, leave a team behind to fix this workshop.”

Ye Qing with an ice cold face, stared down upon that big head of Fu Weiyu’s: “Mr. Fu, I see your determination on staying.”

“President Ye, what are you saying? You still need to sign with another company tomorrow.”

Fu Weiyu smilingly stared at Ye Qing: “To be honest, there’s really no need for you to look elsewhere​. The construction here needs to get done no matter what. So how about this, I won’t rise the price, just the original settled price, and I’ll guarantee that the materials used from now on are all from actual licensed producers.”


“Then you can stop and stay.”

“President Ye, you finally thought it through?”

Fu Weiyu’s was seriously asking to get sent to the hospital as first came shock, followed by delight: “President Ye, you’re just too kind. Be assured, we’ll finish this kind of largely funded project as beautifully as possible.”

Having finished sucking up, he turned around and roared: “Hey, brothers, President Ye has decided to let you guys stay employed.”

Ye Qing patted his shoulder: “Coincidentally I’ve also got a piece of equipment that needs testing. It’s the one that got blocked by you last night saying how the sites was yours.”

“Go ahead. Go ahead and test it to your heart’s content.” Fu Weiyu, acting like the master of the site, warmly welcomed: “Don’t mention one, even if you have ten, you can still do as you like.”

“I’ve got all the equipment you can think of here. From excavators and bulldozers, to towers and cranes. All you need to do is compare your equipment with mine, and you’ll get all the data you’ll need.”

“So then President Ye, what’s that piece of equipment of yours called?”

“You’ll know what it’s called when it comes.”

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  1. Some small mistakes:
    “Mr. Fu, I see you determination on staying.” (its missing an ‘r’ in you)

    To be honest, there’s really no need to you to look elsewhere​. (should say: no need for you)

  2. and then he’ll use that new ‘monsters’ to “accidentally” destroy their equipments … with the reason being it is still a prototype and in its testing phase… which is true~~~

    am guessing this would be the likely scenario

    1. …case of his connections ;))

      The victim’s permission to proceed with the test wasn’t properly witnessed, unlike MC’s previous monkey business. And giving someone indemnity for the possible damages without signing the forms isn’t done as easily as that.

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