Chapter 155: History

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Chapter 155: History

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

If everything that happened today was somewhere else where his entire fleet of equipment was demolished, then Fu Weiyu would’ve called up a bunch of his goons, picked up some twisted steel, and started to give these courageous idiots a thorough lesson.

However, with the two peons just standing there like bouncers, Fu Weiyu already felt his legs wobble.

Having lost all his big pieces of equipment, don’t mention the fact that he couldn’t let out the rage for it, there was even a law firm who was going to file for long term litigation talks.

“Hey Mr. Fu, there’s no equipment left. Why aren’t you gone yet?” Ye Qing, seeing Fu Weiyu acting like a directionless fly, happily reminded him: “Oh right, you should probably get an entire firm of lawyers, because that’s how many I’ve hired, and their entire firm from now on will do nothing but help me sue you.”

“You…… You…… You……” Fu Weiyu, right now, was just like a chicken heading for slaughter: “You’ve destroyed so much of my equipment, yet you still want to sue me?”

“Yes, and I won’t just stop there. I’m going to make sure that you won’t be receiving any construction work of any kind from now on.” Not only did the fun disappear from Ye Qing’s eyes, it was replaced with seriousness and confidence: “Mr. Fu, you can wait and see if I really have the ability to up hold my words.”


Fu Weiyu left. With him went the entire construction team of Tianhui Construction. The destroyed vehicles that could now only be sold as scrap metal were also shipped off on top of their flatbed tractor trailers.

Now they were without the equipment backing them, and had two super strong looking men watching their every move. The workers all looked at the two of them like living tigers, visibly trembling and with their instincts telling them to run.

The normally always arrogant Tianhui Construction finally experienced what it felt like to get bullied thoroughly. Fu Weiyu was still unwilling to admit defeat. Although he had lost all of his equipment, he was still looking to get at least something back.

Fu Weiyu decided to give the park police a shot, yet before he even got there, he got a call from them saying that Hurricane Technicals’ lawyers had just showed up to report a case.

Saying how you, Tianhui Construction, hindered the regular construction progress of the site with force, endangered their lives, deliberately damaged their workshop, deliberately used fake materials, and forcefully rejected other companies from entering the site.

“What the f**k!!”

Of course, this sentence couldn’t be said out loud. Fu Weiyu went to the police station and screamed innocence saying how all his equipment got destroyed and he needed the other party to pay for all the damages and then some.

“Well, that’s going to be hard. Hurricane Technicals had many witnesses exclaim how it was you guys who first used large amounts of construction equipment to surround others, and it was also you guys who made the first move to damage their equipment.”

“Additionally, we’ve also received loads of evidence proving that you were intentionally using fake materials, which are currently getting tested.”

“Of course, your damaged equipment definitely needs to be compensated for. Seeing how there were no personal injuries, you can use your company’s name to hire some lawyers and put in a motion of law at court.”

The park police was obviously siding with Ye Qing on this matter. Yet when Fu Weiyu was just about to pull some strings, he got a call from a manager of his home company telling him that the Bureau of Industry and Commerce was currently in the process of seizing their construction materials warehouses.

The majority of the materials inside all needed to be examined for standards compliance.

Fu Weiyu, at the same time as he was feeling shocked at just how quick Ye Qing was, he was also feeling relieved.

It was a good thing that he had great foresight. The materials in the warehouses were all real, as all the imitations were kept in another secret warehouse.

The location of this warehouse was only known by a select few within the company. However, just when Fu Weiyu was feeling relieved, a single phone call sent him straight back to the 18th floor of hell.

The call came from one of the few people he actually trusted: Zhang Jun.

He was the leader of the entire construction team, who was right now running some connections for Fu Weiyu, which he obviously had.

“Bo…… Boss, President Ye offered me a deal of 2 million plus not getting sued to sell out your warehouse.” Zhang Jun slowly articulated: “I’ve fallen to the dark side and sold you out.”

“You…… You…… Said what!!”

“I’m going to f*****g kill you!! Zhang Jun, just you damn wait!! I’m f*****g calling people to go to you place right now!!” Hearing this out of the blue shock, Fu Weiyu was finally scared out of his wits.

Being unable to find the imitations meant that he could at least put all the blame on the materials procurers saying how they were all greedy for quick cash.

Yet now, one of his trustees actually sold out the location of the imitations.

“Bo…… ss, why are you still like this?” Zhang Jun with no sign of fear, slowly continued: “This old saying fits quite well here, know the winds of change. President Ye clearly had a stronger background than you, and without selling you out, I also wouldn’t be able to get out of this so easily.”

“Oh right boss, I strongly encourage you to not come.” Zhang Jun gave a final warning: “But if you do come, you’ll regret it. Also I’m headed to Yucheng law firm right now to testify.”

“They are prepared to dig out every piece of business you’ve cheated in, and help those whom you’ve swindled to sue you for free.”


When this entire series of unfortunate events finally came to a close, it was already past 8 PM.

The Yucheng law firm really must be praised for their high level of efficiency. Without Ye Qing even asking, they had already dug out all of Tianhui’s cheating deals, and finished them off with nearly never ending litigation accusations.

Of course, they also had to thank Tianhui Construction for leaving such a plentiful trail of breadcrumbs for them to dig through. A construction company who spent its entire days trying to swindle people with tricks and imitations, naturally was easy to K.O..

The construction site was cleared out way earlier, as it waited for the incoming construction company to come in and take over tomorrow.

Ye Qing’s Mechanical Colossus could be said to have made a name for itself with this single fight.

There wasn’t anyone who videotaped the entire thing and uploaded it onto the web, but the old factory was right there. In this short five minute window, there were naturally some who saw it all.

Now they were trying their best to spread the word that their Little Boss single handedly took care of an entire construction company, and that even 20 excavators weren’t enough to face the equipment the Little Boss had invented.

No one filming and uploading it actually was a good thing. Although this really was something worth sharing, it was better to keep a low profile.

In the future, when the Mechanical Colossus actually goes for sale, even if it someone else did the filming, Ye Qing still had to find someone to help advertise them.

The next day at 9 AM, Ye Qing met with DouDou’s cousin, Liang Wenjing, at a Dior Cafe to formally sign the contact.

Liang Wenjing came completely restless, one side was that she really, really, really wanted to sign this contract, yet her consensus was telling her just how difficult it would be to deal with Tianhui Construction.

Although Ye Qing said he would take care of everything and that she would be able to peacefully inherit everything, Liang Wenjing still had her doubts. So, what if after the contract was signed, Tianhui still came everyday to bother them?

Liang Wenjing had already secretly decided that no matter what Tianhui did from now on, she would not back down. She would certainly see this construction project through to the bitter end if need be.

Because her and her family’s company just needed this kind of large contract and the massive down payment associated with it too damn badly.

For this single contract today, Liang Wenjing especially dressed up for the occasion, and awaited at the Dior Cafe way before the appointed time.

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