Chapter 159: Wrong company

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Chapter 159: Wrong company

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Now with the ever increasing quality standards for film pictures demanded by audience, the film arms in movies, drama, and sport matches displayed their unrivaled importance.

Especially during soccer matches. A giant film arm would be able to perfectly capture the scenes of the fierce competition going on, while also being able to easily zoom into the audience and show the nervousness only present within the stadium.

Moreover, the film arms had the special advantage of being able to capture uncommon angles that were uncoverable by traditional stationary cameras.

Senliu, a film equipment manufacturer, was well known for their high quality film arms domestically.

In the morning of the next day, a technician from Senliu, after traveling long distances over night, finally arrived.

These kinds of 80 meter long giants, of course, had poorer wind resistance, but clearly there shouldn’t be any problems with film under yesterday’s Category 2 wind speeds.

Today the weather report was still the same, no high wind forecasted, yet the technician was still scratching his head as to why the arm was shaking this much.

“Can the report not be accurate?” The technician looked up at the extended film arm, which is clearly shaking as if it was experiencing Category 7 winds.

There wasn’t much to examine for the arm, it was mainly to check the condition of the cables responsible for turning movements and see if there were problems with the motors.

He checked twice, yet still nothing. Thus, the technician could only look elsewhere for the reason.

Ding Yin was now straight up pissed off. This urban fantasy movie had a budget of 300 million, but no matter if it was the filming schedule or the special effects delivery date, they were all basically set in stone.

Now that the film arm problem remain unfixed, then all the big scenes wouldn’t be able to be filmed at all.

“If these are really big winds, then tell me, where the heck can I use the arms I bought from you guys? Do I have to like construct a 100 meter tall film studio to install these two arms?”

Ding Yin was now pissed to the point of nearly having popped out his eyes: “You want me to pull out the contract and compare this arm’s wind resistance stats?”

“Don’t, director calm down.” How could the technician begin to have a shouting match with this famous director.

“Director, can I get half a day’s time?” The technician carefully asked.

Having received the director’s agreement, he quickly pulled out tools from his tool bag, and began to slowly examine the arm as he retracted it. Yet, even after the quick passing of half a day, he still wasn’t able to find any fault.

After extending again, still the same situation.

Ding Yin had already picked up the phone, even with the technician non-stop explaining on the side.

The technician begged him to not call his boss, to give him some more time, yet Ding Yin had already dialed the numbers.

Two minutes later, the technician got a call from his boss.

This twenty some year old technician’s face first turned red, then slowly pale, then from pale to utter rage.

When the call reached the end, the technician finally exploded and roared: “Dock dock dock, you freaking only know how to dock my pay 24/7, I quit, damn you. Come here and fix this mess yourself.”

Having finished, the technician kicked away the toolbag like a soccer bag, and the jacket that had the company’s logo on it was ripped apart and tossed away like a piece of garbage.

The cameramen on the side were stunned, as was Ding Yin, yet they stared at each other completely lost for words.

This technician, after traveling such a long distance, was actually quitting like this?”

“Bro calm down, calm down. I’ll give you more time.” Ding Yin, after a bit of hesitation, comforted: “ How about I call you boss again to have him not dock you pay and pay for your transportation fee as well?”

“Too late.” This technician continued: “I’m done, nothing you say will change it.”

“As for these two film arms, since I can’t find the problem, then no matter who gets sent over, they also won’t find any.”

“Hehe ~ You guys made the wrong decision to buy from Senliu right from the start.” The technician was completely like ‘since you’re so nice to me, I’ll tell you a secret.’

“Why?” Sure enough, Ding Yin’s interest was hooked.

“Senliu can be said to one of the country’s top film arm manufacturers.”

“But on the subject of true mechanical movement, ten Senliu aren’t even close to coming on par with this other company.”

“You guys seriously looked for the wrong people.”

The technician, seeing the shocked expression on the director’s face, felt completely awesome inside, as he happily explained: “Now which mechanical company isn’t submitting to Monster Heavy Industry?”

“If it was them who came to create this no challenge film arm, don’t mention 80 meters, even a 180 meter long one wouldn’t shake. What’s more, the speed, angle, and nimbleness of it would definitely exceed your imagination.”

“Monster Heavy Industry?” This was actually the first time Ding Yin had heard of this company, and seeing the technician was about to leave, he hurriedly chased after him.

“Bro, I’ll have someone give you a ride out of this desolated place. Oh it’s almost noon, why don’t you stay for lunch as well.”

“Haha ~ Then I must sincerely thank you director.” This technician smiled honestly and shook his head: “Director Ding, let me tell you, you really don’t understand just how advanced Monster Heavy Industry is in the mechanical sector. Because if you do understand, then even if Senliu gave you 10 of those arms for free, you still wouldn’t use them.”

“You serious?” Ding Yin was seriously hooked, just like an antique collector who heard that there was a place selling large amounts of Tang dynasty art works.

Right now, fantasy blockbusters all competed on three things: equipment, skills, and budget.

If there really was something similar to what this technician said, an arm that was able to rotate in any direction, and able to move quickly, then many of those previously deemed impossible shots could all become real.

“It’s just that from what I’ve seen, all these film arms use cables to move, but the company you talked about seems to like to use the structure of lifters. Will that produce a lagging like feel?”

“If there are lags, then how could they be called first in the country?”

Discussing up to there, Ding Yin was already anxious like a clawing kitten.

An even longer one was possible, that was able to completely ignore the wind, and came with perfect movement speed and rotational degrees.

If this kind of equipment really existed, then how awesome and sweet would it be to use it in filming a movie?

After settling this technician, Ding Yin hurriedly had the crew search for ways to contact this Monster Heavy Industry.

Yet this search gave him quite the surprise.

Because according to Monster Heavy Industry’s official website, they were based in Zhongyun.

To show his seriousness, Ding Yin specifically called the official support line on his phone.

The call was quickly picked up by a sweet sounding girl.

Ding Yin introduced himself as the director of [The Chronicles of Dragon Subjugation], and was looking for her boss to discuss a business collaboration.

“I’m really sorry Director, our President isn’t in the office at the moment, otherwise I would be able to transfer you over. But, I can give you the number of our sales department manager to contact.”

A customer support representative not having their big boss’s number was quite common. So after Ding Yin called the sales manager and introduced himself, he finally got the number of this President Ye.

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