Chapter 162: Dancing with the wind

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Chapter 162: Dancing with the wind

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Thank you Michael for the support.

With every season comes winds from different directions.

Northwestern winds were quite common during winter, but they were also a sign of harvesting season.

Southern winds easily gust during summer.

And right now the weather specialist was saying that southern winds were feeding the growth of this mid air vortex.

Then doesn’t that mean that they could forget about filming those big scenes for the entire summer?

“I think everyone understands the weather conditions in canyons.” This specialist continued to explain: “The conditions here are quite similar. The outside wind is easily able to get in through the blown up gap, but because this here used to be a lake hence a big temperature difference here. Which is why the incoming warm winds will rise and feed the growing vortex.

“These conditions will only exist during summer, and their strength won’t be that great. As long as you don’t create something tall, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“How can that be?” Ding Yin had his entire career stacked on this movie: “Are there any solutions to this?”

“Yeah, it’s as simple as fill the gap up.”

Everyone looked back at the giant gaping hole, then felt just how ridiculous this idea was. You might as well as build an entire studio with that much money.

“If it’s just Category 6 winds, then I feel there shouldn’t be a problem.” Ye Qing seeing all these frowning faces, found them to be quite laughable: “Didn’t you guys want wind resistant film arms?”

“Category 6 winds are quite common. If it can’t even stand these winds, then how can it be called wind resistant?”

“Hehe ~” The specialist turned to look at Ye Qing with a look that said just how inexperienced he was: “This is a growing vortex, not regular canyon winds.”

“But that’s still Category 6 winds, which clearly doesn’t have Category 8 strength.”

Ye Qing turned to look at the surroundings, which just had some leaves spinning in the air: “Of course, I’m not doubting your professional suggestions.”

“Weather and manufacturing are two different studies, and manufacturing just so happens to be my specialty. I’ve already said my product works under Category 6 winds, so it definitely can.”

“I said you guys can’t, and I mean it.” This specialist was set in his views: “An 80 meter long arm, do you know how much wind force it needs to face?”

“I can guarantee that before long after you’ve extended the arms, it and the base will definitely be picked up by the winds and tossed around like ragdolls.”

“Hehe ~ Young people nowadays are willing to say anything for quick bucks.”

At this moment, the other people that went to collect data all returned, and upon hearing about the rise of 80 meter long arms, they all indicated how laughable it was.

Ding Yin was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He felt that Monster Heavy Industry had the power to back their words, but these weather specialist had already said their points, so he couldn’t not listen.

“Director, I feel like there’s some boasting here. Before, even that well know domestic film arms maker failed in making something useable. Yet they only spent a day……” The manager of the camera team, Fu Xiangqing, having gotten used to the traditional ways, was naturally against change.

“I personally favour Monster Heavy Industry.”

Of course, they haven’t paid for the arms yet, so technically the two arms still belonged to Ye Qing, which was why Ding Yin wanted to see Ye Qing’s opinion.

“How can you jump to conclusions without seeing it?” Xue Ninggong was completely unhappy. Between the weather station and Ye Qing, she naturally sided with Ye Qing.

“We’re jumping to conclusions?” The two specialist waved the data in their hands: “It’ll definitely be blown over. This is all calculated.”

“How about this.”

“It has always been said that actions speak louder than words, so how about we test its wind resistance.”

Ye Qing, without proving himself, completely looked like one of those youngster who would say anything to earn money.

“Of course for safety purposes, we’ll assemble the arms far enough away from the film site.”

“You’re not even caring for profit, so what else can we say?” The two specialist smiled: “We’re just speaking out of safety. Now that the safety problem has been solved, do what you like.”

Hearing that Ye Qing wanted to do testing, Ding Yin immediately threw himself into the chaos with directing the cranes on where to place the arms, and having the camera team come and set up the electric cables and cameras.

Above them right now was the ever growing Category 6 vortex. This kind of limit testing had everyone excited. Even the two from the weather station stayed to watch the testing, as well as Ye Qing’s humiliation.

Additionally, they even came to the conclusion before anything began that this test would fail 100%, so if they left now, it would make them look too suspicious.

Very quickly, the preparations were completed, even a camera had been connected to this auto stabilized film arm.

The giant base of the film arm had also been anchored. Steel plates had been placed to increase its weight, and pillars have been driven into the ground.

There were no cables, and it also didn’t have the top to bottom shrink sections like a fishing rod. Rather, it has eight identical, silvery white, light alloy sections.

Ye Qing also didn’t need to prove anything by standing below it. After everything had been connected to the base, Ye Qing pressed the raise and auto stabilize buttons, and slowly walked away.

Seeing Ye Qing walk away, the film crew all looked on at this never before seen kind of film arm with hesitation and nervousness.

Ding Yin sat beside the monitoring system and stared right at the picture feed.

Whether or not the pictures was shaking, he could immediately tell from experience.

The first to raise was the very front section of the arm.

It had the thickness of a man’s wrist. At the very front of it was a film camera, which was connected to a ball connector like section on the arm.

Standing up straight, just like a flag pole.

Then the second section began to stand up, immediately sending the camera to 20 meters high.

“Ohhh!” Apart from Ye Qing, everyone on site was shocked by its straightness and speed.

Then came the third section, which had the thickness of a man’s elbow.

Still the same straightness. Currently Ding Yin felt like he was on a roller coaster as the picture feed in front of him keep on quickly raising, stabilizing, and raising again.

“Oh no, oh no, it can’t go any higher, otherwise it’ll be blown over.” The people from the weather station had already kept a safe distance between them and the arm, and now again they backed up a dozen meters.

Seeing them back up, the film cast and crew also backed up.

The fourth, the fifth, until finally, the last section straightened out.

Right now, the entire 80 meter arm had completed its movement. There was no need for any cable support, rather it only had automated universal like joints connecting the sections together.

“It’s gonna fall, it’s gonna fall. Everyone watch your safety.” The specialists yelled out in full seriousness.

Just as he finished speaking, the 80 meter sectioned film arm suddenly swayed a little.

The snake like movement had everyone clearly see the eight sectioned film arm form a not so clear circle in the sky.

And despite that, the camera at the top was still stationary with no traces of movement because the circle maneuver only lowered its attitude a bit, which was quickly recovered by extensions from the very first section.

Just as it finished forming a circle, the arm moved again. Again, nothing major, yet there was still no sounds of motors performing compensation movements.

However, as the arm lightly moved to the wind, everyone present all heard the gust of wind blowing by.

This was the sound was the wind hitting the arm. These gusts of wind were just like music. Under its accompaniment, the arm danced to the tone.

Yet the only thing that didn’t change was the position of the camera, and the picture feed in Ding Yin’s monitoring system.

“This…… this……”

“What the peek?!” The two specialist was completely dumbfounded as they yelled out reflexively: “How is this possible?!”

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