Chapter 174: Big and Small

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Chapter 174: Big and Small

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

In this world, one of the most unfair relations ought to be the one between the buyer and the seller.

If it wasn’t you begging to buy, then it was I begging to sell.

Under normal circumstances, 99% of store owners were all begging clients to buy. However, those that had real abilities and had a choke hold on the market, were all being begged to sell.

Ye Qing of course belonged in the second category, hence when he got out of the parked car, Ding Yin was already waiting with warm tea and thirst quenching fruits.

“President Ye, you finished it so quickly.” Ding Yin had the head of the camera team come over from the filming.

“With the already existing 3D model, it’s naturally quick.” Seeing how polite and welcoming Ding Yin was, Ye Qing was very happy and quickly commented: “Director, go finish your work, anyone’s fine to welcome me.”

“How can that be. You personally making the trip, how can I not personally welcome you.” Ding Yin signed for Ye Qing to have a seat. On the table in front of them was a plate of just opened watermelon, some frozen lychees, and a laptop.

The expression Ding Yin had was that of anticipation, even while eating the watermelon he still had a smile, as if waiting for Ye Qing to pull out a USB key.

Ye Qing first tasted the watermelons, then awkwardly said: “Director Ding, this watermelon isn’t sweet at all!”

The watermelon’s not sweet?

This watermelon was actually not sweet. The watermelons gifted by the nearby farmers were all half ripe, but he wasn’t here to sell watermelons!

Ding Yin’s mind went blank for a second there. He couldn’t keep up with Ye Qing’s train of thought at all.

“Heha ~ this was all brought from the nearby farms.” Ding Yin faintly pointed towards the village far away: “It’s just too damn hot to simply film outside during summer. Luckily there are watermelon farmers nearby, so the crew had them bring a couple hundred pounds over everyday. Some good, some bad, we never paid much attention.”

“President Ye, why don’t you try these lychees. Specially purchased from town.”

“Uh ~ it’s like this.” Ye Qing quickly came out with the reason why he was questioning the watermelons: “I have a junior living in the village right next to the highway entrance. Her watermelons aren’t bad at all. You can have her deliver them, guaranteed to be both ripe and sweet.”

“Her name’s Yu Sisi. Her family’s not doing so well, so I’m just trying to give her a little help.”

“Xiao Liu!” Ding Yin called out to his near by assistant: “Go and tell the purchasing team to go to the village near the highway, and look for a girl called Yu Sisi. From now on, we’ll order all the watermelons from her. If her family has any produce, buy it as well, it’ll be nice change of taste.”

“Thanks director. You can buy it at market value, no need to give her special treatment.”

Ye Qing, having finished, turned around to take a look, but the seven heavy trailers still hadn’t arrived.

Six of them were transporting the six sections of the ship, and the other one was carrying a shrunk version, intended for filming the landing scenes.

No heavy trailers, of course meant no product.

“President you’re too polite. Without your help, there’s no way our film could be like this.”

Ding Yin couldn’t contain himself anymore, so after a bit of small talk, he got to the point on how the model looked after the tweaks.

“The real thing isn’t here yet, but we can start with the fixed 3D model.” Ye Qing thought that since he was so anxious, then he could buy some time with the virtual model.

Opening up the file within the USB key, Ding Yin hurriedly immersed himself in the model in front of the computer.

He completely ignored Ye Qing’s first part of the sentence — The product hasn’t arrived yet.

This was the 3D drawing of the shrunk spaceship taken by the 3D camera.

The director, while hiding from the sunlight, quickly operated the mouse.

“President, this…… this…… this is just too incredible.” Ding Yin was visibly shaken: “This is still the first time I’ve ever seen something so precise.”

“Look, if I were to enlarge it. Even the blades within the engines at the back can be seen clearly. And the design of the interior, every single detail can be clearly felt, this is simply……”

“I don’t even know how to describe it anymore, it’s as if the ship was real, and this 3D drawing was done according to that ship’s specifications.

“It’s perfect!” Ding Yin cut to the point and said: “With this model, I feel like if we give it some paint, then we can definitely make the fake real. Maybe it won’t reach Hollywood levels, but it’ll definitely be first nationally.”

This was a pure coordinate graph drawing.

While Ding Yin was shocked at just how precise the drawing was, at the same time, he was also disappointed that there was no coloured rendering, because if there was, then it would be a complete Hollywood level work.

But that wasn’t important. Being able to get such details in only two days, so what if they couldn’t render a fully colored model, he would easily be able to find an effects company to do it.

The spaceship was mechanical, unlike CGed people which required all kinds of facial expressions, all the ship needed were standard mechanical movements.

Being able to complete such details in two days, then before long, they should be able to complete the flight calculations of the spaceship, because this should all be industrial knowledge, which they were professionals in.

“President Ye, if it wasn’t because it’s impossible, I would seriously suspect that this was a 3D drawing of a real spaceship.”

Ding Yin sighed: “What an eye opener. Truly, what an eye opener.”

“Oh right, President Ye, how long will it take to create a flight path for it?”

“Flight path?” Ye Qing smiled and asked back: “Director Ding, what if you had a real model to film its flight with?”

“Haha ~ that would naturally be best.”

“That way both the ship and the sky would be real, then all that needs to be done would be to spit up the shots and later combine the two, guaranteed to be untraceable.”

“But that’s just a wonderful dream. During the filming of Rescue From Mars, only the cockpit was laid out.” Ding Yin then stood up and stared out at the open skies: “If I had a real spaceship, then I’ll make miracles happen.”

Before long, Ding Yin suddenly turned around and looked at Ye Qing with shocked stares, as if he had seen an UFO.

A Steyr dump truck entered through the gaping hole behind Ye Qing’s back.

The truck itself wasn’t what raised his curiosity, rather it was the covered, wheel like thing in the back of the truck.

That taller than the truck’s streamlined body, that telltale swallow like tail.

Without even uncovering the tarp, Ding Yin could immediately guess that that was the spaceship they had spend much time and effort in creating.

“President Ye… No, that really — there’s no way that’s a life size build of the model right?”

“President, hurry and tell me if what I’m seeing is real!”

The dream like scene unfolding in front of Ding Yin had him wonder if this was all an illusion caused by his utmost desire to film a perfect fantasy movie.

“Yes!” Ye Qing also stood up and confirmed it all: “This ship is only a 1 : 5 model.”

“Director, I’ve clearly told you in the call before that we don’t specialize in creating 3D models.”

When the truck came to a stop, Ye Qing had the driver drop the tarp.

The moment the tarp was lifted, the wonderfully aged spaceship under the sun, just like a piece of a powerful magnet, suddenly drew the attention of everyone from the film cast and crew.

“Which was why I used what we specialized in to create this spaceship model.”

Having finished, Ye Qing looked right into those dumbfounded eyes, and through where the heck were the trucks responsible for moving the 1 : 1 ship pieces?

That’s right, Ye Qing actually made two ships.

Because Ye Qing felt that there was no way to move the 1 : 1 ship when filming for its flight.

But with this 1 : 5 scale ship, they just needed a couple heavy cranes, and it would be able to perform any kind of flight maneuver.

Anyways, the 1 : 5 scale was simple to make, so Ye Qing just threw in a small freebie on top of everything.

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