Chapter 178: The beauty of the industry

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Chapter 178: The beauty of the industry

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

However the difference here was that the skull became the head of the Metal Specialist, and the crossbones beneath were replaced by a hammer and a wench.

There was the monster and the industry. There was also the new and awe feel.

But to Ye Qing, this wasn’t nearly enough.

The new design still wasn’t able to completely portray their true skills. It also couldn’t be made completely unique.

If someone were to take a squash, paint it, and add some soft metals to it, then it might look half like the real thing.

What Ye Qing wanted was an ultimately unique, unforgeable logo. Such that when anyone gave it even so much as a glance, they would all be able feel just how formidable Monster Heavy Industry was.

On the surface of the hammer were the words [Monster Heavy Industry], and the wrench had [Masters of Precision] carved in it.

Having completed the carvings, it was finally time to show the true power of Monster Heavy Industry.

Ye Qing quickly plotted out multiple coordinate point in the software and connected them. On the display, the head of the hammer had multiple diamond-like surfaces cut out.

What he wanted to do was turn the hammer head into something like a diamond, and do something similarly complex for the wrench as well.

The diamond was a diamond because of those several dozen highly precise surfaces.

For diamonds of the same carat, the more faces it had, the higher its price.

24 faces, 57 faces, 72 faces, 88 faces.

The more faces it had, the more the diamond would shine under the sun.

It was any woman’s poison, and any man’s nightmare.

It was also a symbol of industrial power. Behind the ever increasing number of diamond faces, was the technical advances of the industry.

The diamond was the hardest natural material in the world. In front of it, no matter if it was tungsten, depleted uranium alloy, or titanium alloy, they could all go cry in a corner.

Which is why to cut it, a harder material needed to be found.

This was just like how wood could never drill open metal, so processing diamonds had always been an industrial headache.

So if it wasn’t possible to find anything harder, then how could it be cut?

There was only the option of using diamond to cut diamond by wearing each other out, which is why there was an exponential growth in difficulty the more faces it has.

A diamond that had 88 faces cut out was basically the king of all diamonds, and a weapon of mass destruction against any woman.

But what if……

Ye Qing cut 188, or even 288 faces, onto the hammer and the wrench?

Diamonds are after all the hardest material in the world, but pure titanium isn’t.

Even the hardest metal, tungsten, could be handled by diamonds. Plus, titanium wasn’t that hard to begin with, so Ye Qing wanting to cut a couple hundred faces onto titanium wasn’t as difficult as it seemed, rather it was quite easy.

If the new symbol of Monster Heavy Industry was gifted this kind of masterful work.

Then wouldn’t that be the be the best anti-forging technique; an unforgettable being with just one glance?

If a diamond was a woman’s poison, then would this kind of highly difficult titanium product be a man’s poison?

Ye Qing didn’t really know, but he would know as soon as he made one!

Five different sizes, lighter sized shield symbol for the M.E.C. and the R.M.E..

Arm shield size for the I, tower shield size for the X.

The the last two were unique custom builds for the spaceships.

And those equipments requested by the film crew would also have this newly designed shield logo stuck on.

Giving a hammer 288 shining faces was a trivial task, but it required an abnormal amount of time to plot out. However, for the other end of the hammer it was as easy as copy and paste.

The task of using the same measurements to plot out the same faces on the virtual grid kept Ye Qing busy until 3 PM, when he completed it.

Finally, he took this time consuming design, and combined it onto the surface of the shield.

With the Metal Smelting Center, the shield symbol could be completed all in one go. The symbol was specially made to be thin and not affect its 3 dimensional feel, such that it was only 2 centimeters thick when cast into the shield.

Under the horned monster face was the crossing of a hammer and a wrench.

This wasn’t some normal hammer wrench, rather it was a pair of shining hammer and wrench that possessed even more difficulties to make than diamonds.

The 99% concentrated titanium inside of the Metal Smelting Center was already prepared.

When Ye Qing uploaded blueprint of five different sizes, the center immediately went into action.

Perfectly ratioed titanium metal liquid was poured one after another into the automatically made precision molds. Then came some high speed shaking to change the internal structure of the titanium, to make it more even and compact.

Finally the million ton press hammer give it a fatal bang.

Sadly the Metal Smelting Center wasn’t omnipotent, as Ye Qing designed the shield logo with grinded faces in mind.

Because only this way could the hammer and wrench be shiny as all heck, yet still look comfortable to the eye under the sun.

The Metal Smelting Center was unable to produce two different kind of metal surfaces at the same time. As a result, the faces are already cut, but needed a good polish.

On the lighter sized symbol, every face was the size of half a sesame seed, which was why during polishing, regular equipment naturally wasn’t going to work.

There was only one piece of equipment that could work: the rare precision laser cutter from the tools market.

The more dense the material, the higher the number of high degree surfaces it could hold.

Letting the thinner than hair laser pass over the faces of the titanium would bush out a crude .005 degree reflective surface.

After having placed the smallest symbol inside the laser cutter’s work chamber and having put the protective cover down, Ye Qing squinted his eyes.

The laser head moved to one of the many faces of the hammer, then a thin, almost invisible red line passed over the face with a terrifying temperature.

In quick succession, one after another, the laser head navigated over to each face and swept over with some red lasers.

3 minutes later, the cover was lifted, and what appeared in front of Ye Qing was a top tier industrial artwork that had nearly a thousand faces.

With the help of industrial heat prevention gloves, Ye Qing picked up this Monster Heavy Industry second generation logo, lightly turned it, and immediately saw the diamond-like shine coming from the hammer and wrench.

The shine wasn’t eye piercing at all, it was just like the glow of stars in a night sky.

When placed under the sun, the many surfaces of the symbol suddenly turned into the gorgeous luster of a kaleidoscope. It was as if what was in Ye Qing’s hands wasn’t a titanium metal artwork, but a multicolored gemstone dropped by some higher being.

Ye Qing closed his eyes and let loose a smile words could not describe.

This was the beauty of Monster Heavy Industry. This was also what Monster Heavy Industry had as their go to, resplendent, business card.

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