Chapter 181: The wait

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Chapter 181: The wait

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

These clients, previously, had already sent a wave of responses to customer service to not switch the brand logo.

Now that the new logo had been exposed, they won’t rest until they get one.

Who are they kidding? This new logo was basically a metal diamond, and a master artwork at that, so who was willing to miss out?

So what else could Ye Qing say?

They were all old clients, so send one to all of them. This way no one would be mad.

No matter if it was the old logo or the new one, they were all secured on very tightly. To extract it, they needed to first cut open the aluminum protective covering at the back, then pry it off with a flat piece of metal.

As an installation convince, Ye Qing specifically had the Metal Specialists engrave the old symbol mold onto the back of the new one before filling it with metal adhesives.

On the official web, almost all of the current clients who had seen the post were spamming the forum for Monster Heavy Industry to give them a replacement.

Those who came later and didn’t know what was going on, as soon as they saw the top comment of the exposed pictures, then they immediately joined in on the ever growing snowball.

Good thing the people responsible for maintaining the site posted a public notice right on time, saying how anyone who owned a product with old logos would all be able to receive one of the new ones free of charge.

As long as everyone filled in the correct information and it matched what was on file, then they would be able to get one within three business days.

As soon as the public notice came, no matter if it was the customer service mail box or the company’s, they both immediately fell silent. Soon after came a bunch of people praising the boss of Monster Heavy Industry for being such a nice person, thank you for your hard work, and what not.

“These people……” Ye Qing shook his head as he walked out of the office and headed towards the transfer warehouse in wait for a specific piece of equipment.

After two days of solidifying, the quickly raised transfer warehouse could already enter operation.

Because of just how big Dragon Creek Beach was, there was no real need to worry about wasting precious space, which was why Ye Qing designed the warehouse to be super big. Big enough to load and unload 200 trailer trucks simultaneously. To the south of the warehouse were ten, already framed, plated, and temperature controlled storehouses.

50 individual mechanical arms had already been installed.

Starting from yesterday, there had already been heavy trailers coming in and out to deliver their loads.

When these nationwide drivers gathered and saw these out of nowhere high end transfer equipment, first they found it novel, especially when they saw the Master Artisans controlling the arms to do all the heavy lifting.

However, when all 200 arms had been installed, then that required 200 individuals to operate them.

Which means by then, there was no way Ye Qing was going to send Master Artisans and the Peons to come and do these mundane tasks, and Ye Qing also wasn’t going to let anyone else into the factory.

Hence, Ye Qing needed to construct a long distance remote control room at the office in Zhongyun, so that he could have workers from the company remote control everything through camera feeds.

These remote operation programs needed proficient developers to work on them, which obviously didn’t include Ye Qing or any of the monsters, but hey, at least he had the better half of the computer science club at the office.

Currently there were a dozen or so trailers already inside with only two Master Artisans responsible for unloading all of them in half an hour.

Just as Ye Qing was bored of all the waiting, a very heavy looking, pure black, heavy trailer came rolling off of Huanhai Avenue.

The black trailer that was in tow had the words Siemens painted on it in green.

The world renown Siemens of Germany had their foot in just about everything from the heavy industry, to medical equipment, and even had products for the general public.

And within this trailer was the most expensive single piece of equipment Ye Qing had ever bought to date.

In the list of black tech released by the Rank 4 Monster Factory was something called the Industrial Waste Purifier. Currently the entire Dragon Creek Beach, including the reef filled bay, belonged to Ye Qing.

The bay of the Dragon Creek Beach contained absolutely no lifeforms at all thanks to the sky high levels of industrial contamination in the area.

This severe level of contamination was all thanks to a single chemical factory discharging their untreated waste water. Ye Qing had already blocked their waste pipe multiple times before, but seeing how even up until now there still weren’t any improvements in the water quality, Ye Qing stopped putting more effort into improving it.

Now that there existed a piece of equipment that could clean up all the contaminated water, even if it was just a blueprint, Ye Qing was still going to make it a reality and purify the bay of Dragon Creek Beach into that of a hidden paradise.

And what that black heavy trailer contained was the most critical piece of equipment needed for the entire Industrial Waste Purifier.

The trailer very quickly entered the warehouse and from it jumped out two middle aged men, one of them being a blond, blue eyed foreigner.

“Hello, Mr. Ye.” The foreigner in the Siemens work uniform greeted Ye Qing in some heavily accented Mandarin: “The 3T magnetic resonance imaging equipment that you ordered arrived at Shanghai customs yesterday and I am here deliver it.”

“Thank you, Mr. Carroll.” Ye Qing shook his hand.

Mr. Carroll was about to raise some small chat, yet when his eyes wandered around and saw those neatly placed working mechanical arms, his eyes suddenly got a lot bigger.

“Jesus, are…… are these all industrial robots?” Carroll shockingly stared on at the parking spots as the mechanical worked on: “Are these all from KUKA? And why do they look so nimble?”

KUKA’s industrial robots were extremely well known within the sector, but these were all self supplied by Monster Heavy Industry.

Ye Qing shooked his head smilingly; no these weren’t from KUKA.

“Mr. Ye, you’re really someone who’s willing to go all the way. I mean your country clearly possess so much fr…… cheap labor.”

Mr. Carroll nearly said free labour for a moment there.


Wasn’t that that the world leader in number of factory workers? At least that’s why they generally referred to China as The Sweatshop.

Because there were just so much people here, and the manufacturing cost was just too damn low. For old industrialized countries like theirs, just the patent fees alone were enough to be a full course.

Of course, this was what Mr. Carroll thought, and not what was said.

“Mr. Carroll, the form?” Ye Qing could basically guess what he was thinking about, but he couldn’t care less about these arrogant and self centered idiots.

Mr. Carroll apologetically handed over the signing order, despite his pride, the man in front of him was still his sugar daddy, as just this order alone was enough to give him a couple hundred thousand in commission.

After Ye Qing signed the documents, Mr. Carroll, taking the opportunity of the unloading, braved the awkwardness and took a close look at the arms.

He really wanted to know just who made these industrial arms, because according to his knowledge, China didn’t have a single company that had a seat within the top echelons of the industrial automation sector.

Yet these arms in front of him were clearly the nimblest he had ever seen.

In the end, when Mr. Carroll finally turned to face the side that had the brand engraved on, he was nearly blinded by the almighty flashiness of Monster Heavy Industry’s brand new logo.

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